Growing up, I was never the loudest person at the table.

I was a listener, and while I’ve always believed this to be one of my biggest weaknesses, I’ve come to learn that listening is really what’s helped me grow in this ever-changing and ever-advancing industry. As a designer, my job isn’t to come up with a solution that’s never been done before—It’s to listen, to empathize, and to make decisions for those whose voices need to be heard.

My name is Carol—I’m a designer and Systems Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I planted my seeds in design as a freshman when I landed my first internship as a UI/UX designer. Despite my lack of skill and experience, my passion for solving problems at the human level was what really propelled me into this field. Though I may not know exactly where I see myself designing in the next couple of terms, I do know that I love talking, working, and collaborating with people.

Why? Because everyone has something special and valuable to bring to the table ♥️

A bit more about me ↓

In my grade 8 yearbook—

I wrote “pursue design” as my future plan. Despite thinking that this goal was too far-fetched and unrealistic at the time, this is a memory that I cherish because it reminds to be content and grateful.

📸: Carol, young and oblivious, unaware of how much room she had to learn & grow 🌻

I thrive in collaborative teams—

Design isn’t a one person job. Part of why I enjoy doing what I do is the amazing and talented people I get to meet and work with (in or outside of design)! I love learning about people’s unique personal journeys, goals, and ways of thinking.

📸: Me and the Hack the North design team, collaborating virtually on the 2020 website ⚙️

I <heart> the community—

After hours, I volunteer my time growing the Waterloo design community. For over a year now, I’ve helped to plan events, workshops, and create resources for young passionate designers. Currently, I’m also mentoring for tech+ and designing for Canada’s biggest hackathon.

📸: UW/UX team after our Summer 2019 design + tech panel 🌟

Thanks for letting me give you a tour 🌿
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Thanks for letting me give you a tour 🌿
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